Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How we met...

Believe it or not...Brandon found this old lamp one night on his way home from work in the backyard of Tia Rosa's and thought it would be a cool addition to his house. It brightened his day because work had been particularly long and gruelling that evening, and on top of that he was recovering from being very sick, so this lamp was a pleasant surprise. He took his apron and dusted the mud off the lamp so he wouldn't get his car dirty...he likes to keep it in immaculate condition....and to his astonishment, a magic geenie named Jared came out and told him he had one wish. Brandon tried to argue because he thought it was unfair he should only get one, not even phased by the fact that he was talking to a geenie that just came out of the discarded old lamp. He thought geenies were entitled to grant three wishes, and what kind of geenie has a name like Jared, but nevertheless, he was granted one wish. He knew he had to make it a good one. So he wished that a beautiful, talented, intelligent, and fun girl would be waiting for him on his bed ready to play, explore, serve, cleanup after him, and love him unconditionally forever when he returned home from his long day of work. Brandon was a bit skeptical of whether this would work or not. He didn't think such a girl could exist and besides, this geenie had only been able to grant one wish as opposed to three. And with a name like Jared, he might not be able to be trusted. But whether Brandon was just really lucky or was a very good boy this year, his wish came true, because Katie Kirkland was sitting on his bed waiting for him when he returned home from that long, hard, bizare day of work. So, thanks to that magic lamp and the geenie Jared, they are living happily ever after.

5 ways to sum up Katie

1. Raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California as the oldest of three kids.
2. Gaduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in English.
3. Currently teaching special education at Highland High School in Gilbert, Arizona.
4. Traveled to over 17 countries.
5. Loves to snowboard, cook (especially with Brandon), read, sing, listen to music, play piano, ride bikes with Brandon, watch movies, sew, play games, and enjoy the company of family and friends.

5 ways to sum up Brandon...

1. Brandon is the youngest of five and is a product of the Pacific Northwest...having a love affair with the city of Portland.
2. Brandon is a straight A art education student planning on becoming a high school or college art teacher as well as opening not jsut one, but several of the coolest, hippest, yummiest restaurants in the country. He is currently waiting tables at Rancho de Tia Rosa. Brandon has been serving tables since he was 15.
3. Brandon served his mission in Nashville, Tennessee.
4. Brandon is a man of many talents: cooking, painting, drawing, photography, woodwork (he just made us a bed frame), making people laugh, and teaching.
5. Brandon enjoys to play basketball, cook, paint, draw, photograph, create, imagine, play video games even if he hates to admit it, golf, and rock climb.