Sunday, January 6, 2008

We're getting married!!!

This picture was taken only hours after we got engaged! Brandon proposed by stashing the ring in the bottom of my stocking on our Christmas morning 12.23.07. What an awesome surprise! We finished opening gifts after we celebrated a little :) and made breakfast and then headed up to Brandon's parents house to share the good news before I had to drive to California...alone! How cruel! We are so excited! 3.8.08 cannot come soon enough!


Ryan said...

Yay, you are officially bloggers and you are getting married! I love you guys.

The Birch Family said...

Katie!!! It's Michelle (murphy) Congrats on the engagement! Love you, Chelle PS I didn't think you'd mind, Piper's hubby is best friends with a guy we go to school with so that's how I found you!