Monday, March 17, 2008

The lame tag!

Please keep in mind that I am on vacation, so it is even more loaded with stuff than usual. Also, the only reason why I followed through with this Piper is because my purse got soaking wet and I had to empty everything out anyway to dry. So here it is:
1. Birth control
2. Checks
3. Map to Powell's Books in Portland
4. Bag of my aunt Kelli's jewelry
5. My calendar 
6. Temple recommend
7. Travel book for Seattle
8. Wallet
9. Stamp
10. and let's just say a lot of other unnecessary can see for yourself in the picture
           ...Love you Pipe!


Piper said...

Good work Katiek!

Jenna said...

You're so cute Katie. Okay I have a few Eurotrip questions... where did you get your tickets to London? If I fly to London do I want to buy a one way ticket or should I get a round trip and eventually make it back to London? Did you hit Greece, Sweden, and Finland? Or did you stay within the heart of Europe. So much planning, and I don't know where to start. I found round trip tickets for $830 to London, should I keep looking? Let me know what you think, hahaha thanks.