Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Showers...showers...and more showers!

Since, Brandon and I only have 4 DAYS...I thought I should update the blog with what has been going on over the last few weeks. Good news is...there will be no showers the weekend of the wedding, which was a fear from the beginning. I was spoiled with 3 showers....crazy! My sister is awesome! With a little help from my cousins they got some of my college friends together and the best part was Brandon's sisters, Michelle and Emily, were there. My best friend Cami and her Mom and several other ladies from my ward back home threw another little shindig for me. Then, I had a surprise part from my co-workers the was fun! Here are a few pictures of the events. Also, stay tuned for the very funny video Brandon made for the shower. He's adorable.
My awesome cousins...Juliann, Becky, and Jamie...my amazing sister Piper is in the middle next to me. Check out all the pregnant bellies!
The coolest sister-in-laws ever!! They traveled all the way from Michigan and St. George to be in Provo. And bonus! my adorable new niece Lauren came too! By the way...congrats on the baptism!
These are my two hottest cousins Stacie and Shanna...so fun to have you there...and extra thanks to you two for finding the best lingerie EVER!
Thanks Jenn, for always making me laugh. You are the best! So glad you are going to be there this weekend!
This is my sister Piper and my mom. They are the best! They have helped me so much!!
These are two of my best friends Gretta soon to be Whalen and KatieMae used to be Whalen Bone. Thanks for going the distance to be there for me! Love you girls!

I was obviously very excited to get this gift!! Thank you everyone!
This is my amazing cousin Lisa and her new adorable baby Ryan.
My favorite gift! Thanks Lise!
Brandon showed up at the end. Everyone was so excited to meet him.
But I don't know if he was too excited to be there, especially after all of our deep dark secrets were shared. :)
But overall, it was fun meeting new friends. Love you Jenee! I can't wait to see everyone again in a few days!


aLana said...

oh my goodness katiebug that picture of you and the kitchenaid is CLASSIC! i'm sitting in my stats lab and am trying really hard not to laugh out loud, but its totally not working! oh well! thats hilarous! i'm so glad you had a blast and i can't believe you are getting hitched in just 4 days!!!! hooray! love you girl!

Justin and kelly said...

Katie!! How fun. Congrats on the new adventure and welcome to the club. It has been so long and yea for the blog!! Have a wonderful wedding day!!

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I love all the pictures. Only a few more days now. HURRAY

The Birch Family said...

Cute cute pictures! Wish I could be there... I just got back from RC today... enjoy your awesome day!!

Shanna said...

Congrats Katie and Brandon!! I saw pics of the Wedding on my moms blog - Katie you are gorgeous!!! And Brandon you look sharp too, we loved your choice of shirt. Katie loved your dress and hair!!!! Anyways, congrats and have fun up the west coast!!